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#Business | 4 Tips for Increasing Your Brand Influence on Instagram

A great social media marketing campaign means constant growth in the number of followers, interaction, and actions such as clicks. All of this can be easily achieved when you choose Instagram as your social media platform for promoting your brand.

As it is clear that SEO is always going to be an important part of your online marketing campaign, and since social media draws a number of followers to the business website, doing it properly will produce great results for your business.

If you are looking forward to utilizing Instagram in your social media marketing strategies, here are some tips to help you in succeeding on the platform.

Make Your Posts Visually Striking

Users on Instagram are more likely to react if they are able to clearly recognize your brand amidst hundreds of other posts. In order to achieve such feat, you just have to create visuals that reflect your business style and are of high quality. Pick a relevant color scheme and in case you avail filters, make sure that you use the same one for maintaining the consistency in your visuals. Also, it is recommended to not stuff your images and captions with unnecessary texts.

Take Professional Help

Not everyone in your organization will be tech minded or the creative type to design the posts in such a way that both search engines and users will easily recognize them. It requires expertise and relevant experience in the social media marketing field, so you have to stretch your budget a bit and hire someone who can easily take care of your Instagram and other social media marketing management. If you are looking for some ideas, you can consult online websites like A social media manager can help you in converting your followers into potential customers for your business.

Optimize Your Posts with Hashtags

The great thing about images is that they are much more universal than text content, which makes Instagram a unique platform for your content marketing strategies. For this, you will have to make the most of hashtags on each of your posts. As Instagram limits the usage of hashtags to thirty, you should experiment by adding ten or fifteen relevant hashtags and check their performance. The number of followers each hashtag will fetch can give you a basic idea on how to use them in your upcoming visual content. Of course, you can also use your own hashtags that showcase the slogan of your business and broaden your potential reach along with better user engagement.

Collaborate with Influencers

Being on social media and just posting quality images is not the only way to promote your brand. The platform offers you an opportunity to partner with influencers who already have a large follower base and may help you in connecting with new followers.


Finally, you should consider utilizing the profile link during promotions and product releases for making it a path to reach your site. Instagram is all about measuring and adapting new strategies that will bring more value to your brand. Follow the aforementioned tips and ensure the success of your Instagram marketing campaign.

Author Bio – Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings. He tells his readers about and other ways to get exclusive likes on Instagram.

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