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6 Tips to Boost Your IQ

IQ is one of the ways scientists use to measure a person’s intelligence, and it has done using a variety of standardized tests to measure your responses in all kinds of different ways. 

Building your IQ up is not an exact science at all, and it is not clear whether or not doing any extra activities can actually boost your IQ points. However, there is evidence that opening your mind to new learning opportunities can make you feel more intelligent, even if the difference is not measurable! 

Boosting your IQ

While IQ is not a whole-picture measure, knowing your IQ and which and your IQ percentile can be a really interesting experience, and it can help you to build your confidence in going for better jobs and achieving more in your life. 

For children, being able to try out all kinds of opportunities is always beneficial, especially when they comply with the big 3 M’s – Musical instrument, modern foreign language, and martial art! 

With that in mind, here are six tips to help you feel like you are boosting your IW to give you an advantage over your peers.

Memory Games 

Memory games are a popular way to boost your IQ points, and it is claimed that many of the popular games can help to make your brain sharper and respond quicker. 

While it is not quite clear if these games will actually add to your IQ points, a good and robust memory is always a bonus when it comes to measuring IQ, so it is a great idea to invest in some of these games and give them a go. 

Keeping your memory sharp has also been shown to affect people who are suffering from early-onset dementia positively.


If you have spent any time on Twitter or Facebook recently, you might be forgiven for thinking that the art of a good debate has been lost on most people, and you would be right! 

Most people never quite learn the skills to create good rhetoric and enjoy a robust debate, but debating IS good. 

That being said, a good debate does not always end in you being the winner. Just because you can run rings around your opponent with your words, it does not mean you should win the debate. 

For example, when debating with a partner, it is not best to aim to win every time!

Modern Foreign Languages 

Learning a new language is great for the brain, but it is very hard work! 

Some people seem to be natural linguists and can pick up languages very easily, and you are more likely to find a type of language that you gel with very well too. 

For a real challenge, go for a language that is completely different from your own. For example, if you are a native English speaker, give learning Mandarin Chinese a go, especially the writing side. This challenge will keep your mind sharp and expand your skills.

Music and Musical Instruments 

Music is one of the few activities that ignite every area of the brain and allows every learning style person to thrive. 

Dyslexic students and people with ADHD and Autism are sometimes the best musicians because of the way their brains work and see the world in patterns. 

Some instruments are easier to learn than others. Piano, for example, is easier to learn because it is all laid out in front of you, as opposed to an instrument like a violin or sitar, which requires a lot of practice and a lot of patience!

Martial Arts 

Learning martial arts can happen at any age, and many kids begin learning martial arts within a sport setting as an extracurricular sporting activity. 

However, true martial arts are different from sports in that they work on a whole-body experience, especially as you move up the grades and belts whichever discipline you choose. 

Martial arts such as Kung Fu and particularly Tai Chi Chuan are fantastic martial arts to learn breathing techniques and bodily control that can be useful in every aspect of your life. 

Learning to control your body and your mind better is a good way to boost your mind too!

Higher Education 

One of the best and most well-known ways to boost your IQ and sharpen up your mind is to take on higher education. 

Learning new things and doing courses in engaging topics for your mind will help make you feel more in control, and a mind that is used and stretched more often feels much sharper and mentally stronger.

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