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8 Fun Activities to Do at Home with the Kids (Tips for Home Entertainment)

Since early 2020, families have been spending a lot more time at home, which has meant focusing more on ways to keep the kids entertained and happy. As most parents will know, this can be a difficult task. However, once you tap into your creative side and pour plenty of energy into the activity creation process, you’ll realise that there are plenty of effective,cool and interesting ways for your kids to have fun at home.

Let’s look at 8 fun activities you can do at home with the kids.

1.    Go crazy with playdough

Playdough is a classic, simple way to have fun – it’s loved by children all around the world (remember though, it’s only meant for kids aged 2 and over).

So, when the kids get home from their nurseries and childcare, you can have the playdough ready and waiting for them. Here are some playdough creation ideas:

  • Make shapes
  • Make playdough people
  • Pretend baking

Playdough is available in basically every colour imaginable, so make sure to allow your kids to choose their favourite ones. If you want to be super creative, you can even make playdough at home with your normal kitchen ingredients!

2.    Be creative with slime

Slime is the next best option after playdough. Similarly, you can either buy it from a shop or make it yourself at home– just don’t let the kids go near anything important with it, like the sofa.

If you want to reduce the chances of making a mess, polymer clay would be a better choice for you.

3.    Watch YouTube videos exclusively for kids

Speaking of the sofa, a fun activity to do at home is to gather the kids around, get comfortable on the sofa and watch some entertaining YouTube videos made specifically for them. YouTube has grown massively in popularity, and so have thekids’ content channels on there. In fact, the kid side of YouTube is now so popular that YouTube created YouTube Kids – which (as the name suggests) is a version of YouTube specifically for kids.

If your kids are new to YouTube, start by exploring some of the most popular channels – such as Ryan’s World and El Reino Infantil – to get a feel of what they like. Eventually, your kids will start to form their favourites and will want to watch their contentall the time. This is great, but remember to keep their screen time moderated – as too much is bad fortheir health.

4.    Introduce iPad games

Many people still think that iPads are just for adults – they aren’t. These days, iPads are hugely popular with kids around the world and are a great way to keep them entertained at home. In the app store on iPads, there are thousands of games for children to play – you could even say there is too much choice.

5.    Go classic with board games

Although iPads and technology have become a big part of children’s home entertainment, board games are still alive and are as popular as ever. From Monopoly to Cluedo, there are plenty of classics to choose from and join in with.

6.    Play hide-and-seek

Speaking of classic forms of kids’ entertainment – don’t forget about hide-and-seek (you can’t go wrong with it!). Gather the whole family together and have fun as you hide in the most difficult-to-find places in the house – and don’t be surprised if your kids get super-competitive (they won’t want to lose!).

7.    Use Lego kits

Lego has played a huge part in most people’s childhood – and is perfect for the tough COVID-19 era where more time is being spent at home. There are more varieties of Lego kits on the market than ever before – so it’s all down to what your kids like the most. For example, if you have a young boy or girl who is a huge fan of Star Wars, there are plenty of Star Wars-related Lego kits you can buy, including Baby Yoda and Darth Vader!

Not only is Lego fun, it helps to develop your children’s creativity, hand skills and problem-solving abilities.

8.    Finally… visit the aquarium or zoo (virtually!)

Kids love to get out and explore different places, but (unfortunately) it’s not been easy to do this for the past year or so. However, you can visit places virtually from the comfort of your home – such as the aquarium or zoo.

There are plenty of channels on YouTube and videos on Google that provide this experience. For example, Chester Zoo have virtual zoo day live videos on their channel that make it feel like you are actuallythere.

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