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#Health | Bring Awareness for Scoliosis Treatment in India

Scoliosis is a kind of disease that happens within the spine of a human body. Abnormal curvatures are scoliosis. Generally, from a layman vision, if the spine seems like a straight column then no disease happens with the spinal cord. But, in scoliosis, the spine is shown as curvatures from the front.

Scoliosis is a Greek word which means curvature. Ancient physicians explained that people, who seat in poor postures, suffer from scoliosis. But in today’s world, scoliosis is either congenital or developmental. From sides, the spinal curve is shown in the shape of either “S” or “C”.

Types of scoliosis

Scoliosis is categorized age-wise:-

  • Infantile scoliosis- birth to 3 years
  • Old juvenile scoliosis: 3 to 9 years
  • Old adolescent scoliosis: 10 to 18 years

This disease is also categorized shape wise. When the spinal cord is shown the right side, it is Dextroscoliosis (“dextro” = right). This is the most usual type and generally occurs in the thoracic spine. It can happen on its own and forms a “C” shape. Another curve is shown bending on the opposite side in the lower spine and forms an “S” shape

Levoscoliosis (“levo” = left) is that condition when the spinal cord is shown the life side. This also occurs in the thoracic spine and it indicates a higher probability of spinal cord tumor.

Researchers also make a different classification of scoliosis according to location. Thoracic scoliosis is a kind of curvature which occurs in the middle part of the spine. Lumbar scoliosis is a curvature, shown in the lower portion of the spine. Finally, Thoracolumbar scoliosis refers to that condition when a curvature happens in vertebrae of both the lower and upper portion of the spine.

Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis is another kind of severe condition that happens after puberty. Healthy boys and girls both suffer this disease. Girls may often face the problems of uneven shoulders, a rib hump bending towards the waist and misplacement of both the hips.


The symptom of scoliosis is shown in the placement of spine. On one case, the head appears at off center and one should or hip looks a little higher than the other side.  Often, the doctors observe dysfunction in heart or lungs and the patients suffer from breathlessness and chest pain. Back pain and abdominal pain are also symptoms of this disease.


Physical exercise and core physiotherapy are the main scoliosis treatment in India for this disease. Doctors primarily do the X-ray for the dysfunctional body part and then prescribe necessary medicines and exercises. Patients, who suffer from immense pain, go for the check-up. Unfortunately, this stage is too late for providing the treatment. This is a completely non-surgical procedure for minor deformities. But any major misplacement requires surgery.

Patients normally do not face back pain with scoliosis. Physical exercise and messages only help to develop inner strength in the back muscles. But medical treatment is very limited to recover back pain.

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