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#Business | The art of Investing matures with time and experience

This article is about understanding what results to expect with your investment. Share market has lately been in a lot of news for its extra ordinary returns. Most people are conservative and still hesitant to invest in the share market in India. In India, people are more comfortable with fixed deposits in bank than the shares of a blue chip company.

People are afraid that in the event of a company failure their money will be gone. However, with the growing trends, a considerable switch has been seen from conservative methods of investing money to the contemporary ones.

It is seen that investors with little knowledge of finance prefer to invest based on their own research. Such an endeavour can prove to be beneficial but it will take time to give meaningful results. If you are looking to have steady returns right on the onset, you must enrol yourself with a financial advisor who can analyse your finances and set you on the right path of savings and investment.

The art of investing comes with time and experience. Share market is a huge topic and if you were to learn it in detail, you would have to spend a lot of time with theory and then learn with practical scenarios. The more you are exposed to practical cases, the sharper your investment skills are going to be. If you don’t have professional expertise to invest your money, you can take help of some of the best stock brokers in India for expert financial knowledge and well researched financial tips.

In order to be successful in share market you must practice the following things:

  • Always be alert of the market conditions: You must at all times, keep an eye on the market. Any major changes in the market should not go unnoticed as it can result a difficult situation for your portfolio.
  • Be patient: The maximum damage is done when investors lose their patience. You must always be calm and make well thought decisions.
  • Long Term: Try and invest for long term as it is the safest way to invest in the market. People looking for short term gains are often slammed with losses resulting in these people to never come back and defame the share market. So, always invest in long term investments and see your money grow.
  • Commissions: One of the main things you should do is to get information about all the charges and commissions that you need to pay to do a trade on the broker’s website. Since you want to maximize your profits, it is absolutely essential that you check the charges and opt for a broker who has competent rates in the market.

These are some of the basic things you must keep in mind if you want to work with the share market for long. All investments should be made after proper research and study. You must never invest on popular notions as they might prove to loss making trades. Plan your trades and decide the entry and exit time before entering a trade on the stock exchange.

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