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#Business | How to Improve Your Proposal Quality?

Every proposal development consultants and team strives to prepare compelling proposals that are able to convey the message of the company appropriately. Every time we manage to win a contract, we assume that the proposal was the greatest, and keep using the same development technique. However, this is not always the case. There is always room for improvement, and you should be aware of this. Here you can find some tips on how you should introduce your solution to convince the reviewers you’re the right one.

Follow Instructions

Evaluators appreciate proposals that are written as the instructed structure in the solicitation. Compliant proposals help decision makers see which section coincides with each RFP instruction. Even if not required, make sure to follow the style they used in their request for proposal documents.

Proposal Quality

Relevant and Responsive Content

Besides the structure, every section of the proposal must be relevant to what is being asked in the solicitation instructions. The content should be responsive and explain appropriately the means, technologies, and processes you’re going to utilize to conduct the work. It is preferable to avoid describing the job that needs to be done and focus on the approach you intend to use.


Your customer (the Federal agency) and their concerns are the main aspects that should be kept in mind during the preparation of the proposal. Your solution must be able to demonstrate your long-term vision for your customer’s benefits so that they find you as the best candidate to perform the contract. The buying organizations and decision makers love to hear about the innovation you’re going to bring to improve the work. Explain your approach to find the best solution for their problem.

Compelling features

A proposal that is rich in features and presented in a compelling way can make the evaluators assess them very positively. However, features should be presented in such a way so that customer’s benefits are highlighted, and together they should demonstrate their capabilities of exceeding the requirements of the request for proposal solicitation. You should carefully explain them and give proof by providing data and metrics to make the evaluators award the contract to your firm.


Writing is the most challenging part of the development process. Brief, concise and clear language is a significant element that greatly impacts the quality of your proposal. You should be able to communicate effectively what you want your reader to understand. Being coherent and concise you’ll be able to explain your ideas, arguments clearly and summarize your solution perfectly.  Nevertheless, in addition to this, you should keep the relevance at the right level. Avoid using wordy sentences, redundant, timid and boasting words, slang and passive voice.

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