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#Career | HR Careers – Tips To Forge Your Career!

Whether you are planning a HR career at an entry level or you are planning to make a career shift, HR department offers multiple routes for you to choose from – starting from apprenticeships to higher apprenticeships, to graduate levels to mid-career change. While there are numerous options for an individual seeking HR careers, it is always better to get acquainted with all the career programs. This will help you in making informed choices thus further helping you in your career.

Career Programs – All You Need To Know

Career programs are your guide to choosing the right entry route into HR careers. Whether you are school leaver or an undergrad, HR department has multiple entry routes that you can choose and forge your career in the human resources. So what are the career programs best suisted for you let’s have a look.

  1. Earn While You Learn Apprenticeships: You can go for earn while you learn apprenticeships, even if you are a school leaver/dropout. While you may not have HR tag on your resume, the likely job titles that you might hold will be ‘assistant’, ‘co-ordinator’, ‘executive’ or even ‘administrator.’ As a school leaver, apprenticeships will help you in gaining the required entry into HR.
  2. Higher Apprenticeships For Non-Graduates: Higher apprenticeships are your gateway if you are planning to either develop a new or existing career or even planning to make a switch into the profession. With higher apprenticeships you can pave your way into a rewarding career in business. The apprenticeship also offers employers a new way to both attract and retain best of the talents from the wildest talent pool available.
  3. HR Graduate Training Schemes: If you are coming to an end of your graduation program or university studies then you are eligible to apply for an HR graduate training scheme or you can also opt for a more general program that will allow you to explore various areas of the business and then you can choose which one you want to specialize in. These schemes are generally available to all the graduates from any field.

So you while choosing your career programs, it is always also good to for HR certifications as certifications will add weight to your all your programs and schemes. In addition, certifications will help you move ahead in your career with lithe grace as well. So here’s a look at what all certifications you can go for.

Top HR Certifications You Need To Know 

HR is still one of those roles where while certifications are not mandate, however, it does pay to have one.  Why? As certifications definitely help in ascending the success ladder. Certifications make your career calamity proof (layoffs, or recession) and validate your skills and educational qualifications as well. Some of the certifications that you may like to choose from include

  1. HRCI or Human Resource Certifications Institute: Another institute that offers top-class HR certifications is HRCI. Renowned for its certifications for both beginners and seniors, it also offers certifications if you are seeking Global career in HR.
  2. TMI Certifications: TMI offers three major certifications namely – TMP or Talent Management Practitioner, STMP or Senior Talent Management Practitioner and GTML or Global Talent Management Leader. Each of these certifications are uniquely designed depending on your qualifications and skills. And if you are aspiring for a global role as HR Leader then you should go for GTML.
  3. SHRM or Society of Human Resource Management Certifications: SHRM is another certification institute you may like to explore when you are seeking top HR certifications.

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