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#Entertainment | How To Make a Boomerang From An Existing Video In Your Gallary

Boomerangs are becoming very popular day by day. One of the reason for Instagram’s popularity is the feature of boomerang. The video looping backward and forward helps to transform a dull moment into an exciting one. Instagram only provide the feature of boomerang within the app only but what if you want to make a boomerang from existing video that is present on your camera roll or gallery?  So, today we’ll be going to tell you some tips and tricks through which you can easily change any video into a boomerang. So, let’s dig directly into it.


We have chosen apps for both IOS and Android that will convert any video into boomerang. So, let’s see first for Android users. Apple users can skip this part and jump directly into second part.

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  • First of all you have to choose and install video boomerang converter app from Play Store.
  • Open the app on your smartphone after the installation. Tap on Convert existing video.
  • This will directly shift into your gallery.
  • Now select the video that you want to convert into boomerang. After loading the video into boomerang you can select the options like selection to convert and order. It is also possible to turn off the sound of video.
  • Finally after doing everything click on the loop it option on the top right side corner of the app.
  • After it will be saved directly into your app. Now from there you can easily share your boomerang to Instagram or any other social media.
how to make a boomerang from an existing video
how to make a boomerang from an existing video


  • All you need is to install the GIF maker-Video into GIF’s app from the Apple store.
  • Install the app on your Iphone. Give permissions like accessing camera of the phone and microphone to the app.
  • Now click on the upload icon at the left bottom corner of the phone.
  • Now it will directly switch into your gallery. Choose the desired video that you want to convert into boomerang. Tap on the tick mark option at the top right side to proceed.
  • Now using the slider at the bottom of the video, choose the selection according to your own choice.
  • When you are done with the selections click on loop from here.
  • Now the video will start converting into boomerang. After finishing click on

So, these were the two major apps that helps to convert existing video into boomerang. These two apps that we have chosen are the best in every aspect if we compare them with other third party apps.

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