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#Fashion | How to Dress for an Interview

During a job interview, you first impression hold a great importance and you must put in effort to make it a lasting one. Besides having great conversational skills, you must also dress for your part. Here is our top outfit picks to nil your style for a successful interview.

  1. Saree

For an Indian woman, a well draped saree is not only one of the most graceful attire but also works elegantly in a professional environment. For an interview choose a saree in a natural fabric which is slightly stiff like cotton, linen or silk. They drape very well and hold their shape easily which makes them easier to manage and wear through the long hours of an interview. Avoid saree which are made out of thin, clingy material like chiffon or georgette in an interview. Pair your saree with a well fitted blouse which does not show a lot of skin for a professional look. While picking your saree, go for solid colours or small prints instead of bold prints, shimmer or sequin embroidery.

Dress for an Interview

  1. Dress

A formal dress is one of the best outfits you can go for to attend an interview. A line dresses or shift dresses in good quality fabrics which are not too thin like cotton, crepe, linen, woollen blend work the best. You can go for a very stylish yet modest look with a boat shaped neckline. While choosing the dress, keep in mind that it should not be too short. A knee length dress or a dress where the hemline hits you a little below the knee is perfect. You should try to stick to solid, dark colours like black, beige, grey, blue, etc. Dark colours convey a sense of authority and seriousness which makes them perfect for formal setting. However, if you are going for an interview in the creative field then you can go off beat with bright colours like yellow, orange, magenta. You can make these colours work in conventional interview by adding a well fitted, structured, blazer on top in a neutral colour like beige, black or grey. It not only uplifts your look to a very formal level but also tones down the bright colour. Blazers are also great if you have a sleeveless dress but you still want to cover your arms. You can buy women dresses just like these from various online stores at really great, discounted prices.

Dress for an Interview

  1. Shirts

Of the wardrobe staples in every professional woman’s cupboard should be a good selection and variety of shirts. They are not only great for interviews but also great for your everyday work and meetings. A crisp white shirt is a classic and a must have. You can dress it up or down according to the occasion very easily. While wearing a white shirt you should be careful about what you wear inside it. Go for a bra in a flesh tones instead of white so it is not visible under your shirt at all. For summer months, pick a few shirts in light and flowy fabrics like georgette and chiffon in colours like olive green, grey, pink, etc. from the collection of latest tops online. Pair your shirt with well fitted trousers. And, Voila! You’re all ready to take on the interview.

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