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Five Signs That You Need To Replace Your Windows

Home improvements can be expensive – so, we often put off jobs like having our windows replaced until the necessity of doing so is irresistible. High-quality windows can last around 20 years or more, but will inevitably have to be replaced at some point. Exactly when will depend on factors such as the material they’re made from and the weather conditions they’re subjected to, but regardless, it’s better to fix them sooner rather than later if there’s a problem. Here are five signs to watch out for that indicate it’s time.

1. You can feel a draught

If you can feel a draught near your windows, that means they’re letting in cold air from outside and therefore you’re losing heat from your home through them too. That’s likely to result in higher energy bills, so spending some money on new windows can actually reduce your costs in the long run. Getting double glazing is particularly effective at energy saving, so if you don’t already have it, this is definitely worth considering.

2. The windows are leaking or covered in condensation

If you’re noticing a lot of condensation on the windows in your home, that’s a sign that you have a problem with ventilation. In addition to being annoying to wipe up every day, this can cause problems over time such as water damage or a build up of mould. If you notice that there are actual pools of water forming then this is particularly problematic, and a definite indication that your windows need replacing.

3. You can hear a lot of noise from outside

Generally speaking we want our windows to let the light in but keep the noise out, so if you find there’s a lot of sound coming through from outside then this suggests your windows are old and not providing the soundproofing you require. This is especially important if you live near a main road or in a busy neighbourhood. Thick curtains can help, but new windows are a better long term solution.

4. The windows are looking worn out or damaged

Of course, not all wear and tear on your windows is problematic, and some of it can be repaired fairly easily if it’s just an issue of appearance. However, if you notice that a window frame is warped or broken, then a replacement might be preferable. One key sign to look out for is if the frames are soft to the touch. This can indicate that they are rotting, and at this stage they will almost certainly be beyond repair.

5. You struggle to open or close your windows

This may well be the first sign that you spot, and there are many possible causes behind the problem (for example being painted shut, or the frame warping). It might seem like a minor inconvenience, however, a window can be a vital exit route in an emergency or a weak spot for a forced entry, and therefore, being able to fully open, close and lock them is crucial for the safety of everyone in your home.

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