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#Health | Brain Tumour surgery is complicated

Brain tumour can be benign or malignant. In fact, the moment there are some problems in brain that one suffers from they should go and see a doctor so that they can find out what exactly has happened by checking the symptoms that a patient is facing.

Now the question is why brain surgeries are done? Well, as it has been said earlier, it is mainly done to treat the abnormalities suffered by a human brain. This can happen due to a birth defect or from some disease, or due to an accidental injury. The surgery is performed when a patient faces things like blood clots, aneurysm, epilepsy, bleeding, abnormal blood vessels, any kind of nerve damage or irritation, skull fractures, abscesses, brain tumours, strokes or a sudden damage of a brain nerve tissue. One can get best brain tumour treatments in India from the specialised brain doctors.

The experts and physicians say that, this type of tumour is a common appearance to the people who are aged between 40 years to 70 years. This type of tumour occurs mostly to women that in men. It is a very rare case that meningioma tumour can happen to a child and according to paediatricians there is only 1.5 percentage of chance that a baby can be a prey of this tumour. There are some symptoms to understand meningioma. People can go and have a proper check up if they are suffering from frequent headaches, blurred vision, sudden numbness, and speech difficulty, weakness in arms and legs and seizures. Yes, all the symptoms may not occur in a single body but if someone is facing a few then they should consider it seriously.

There is another kind of brain tumour that might occur in a human brain; medically this is termed as Meningioma brain tumour. This might also needs surgery.

The surgery done for meningioma is basically an in- patient procedure and it is performed after the patient is treated with a general anaesthesia. When the surgery procedure happens, the surgeon first performs a craniotomy (here the small section of the human skull is removed to get access to the tumour). The surgeon tries to remove as much as if the tumour possible and it can vary from being the entire tumour or a major portion of it. Then the surgeon replaces the section of the bone and secures it with screws or a plate and finally closes the incision area.

What type of brain surgery is needed to be performed on a patient completely depends on the area of the brain which is affected and the condition of that particular area which needs to be treated.

Brain tumour surgery in India is a complicated process. The doctor makes the patient ready by giving them radiation, medication and proper diet so that they can cope up to this complicated surgery. Also the after care of this surgery is also very crucial. One needs to follow the doctor’s advice point to point to heal faster.

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