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#Home Advice | Tips to Make Your Neutral Rooms Charming

If you think that neutral color schemes are boring, think twice. Neutral rooms can be relaxing and calm, but they can also be full of life, energetic and fun if decorated right. The key is to use a mix of materials, textures and patterns as well as a variety of complementary tones. Keep reading to learn more about how to decorate neutral homes.

Neutral Rooms Charming



When decorating with neutrals, it is of a great importance to bring in a variety of textures and patterns. By mixing soft with rough, matte with shiny and smooth with coarse, it is possible to create depth, making the space more dynamic. Consider using textures such as sheepskins, cable knits, velvets, suede’s, linens, etc in your living room design, bedroom or guest room. You can’t overdo with textures in a neutral room. You can also create contrast using some interesting patterns.


Your neutral space, no matter whether it is dark or light, needs a little warmth. You can accomplish this through the use of soft textures, like microsuedes, chenilles, wools, or velvets. Another way is through using neutrals with warm undertones. For instance, you can combine grey with brown undertones instead of blue undertones. You can make your space even warmer by incorporating wood tones. Wood also adds depth, so you can add think about incorporating wooden table or side chairs with wooden legs as well. If wood furniture pieces don’t fit your interior decor, then bronze or brass can also be a great choice.


If your interior style is contemporary, then a neutral color scheme is something you should consider. Grey, beige, white and black lend themselves perfectly to the simplicity of contemporary decor. But, to make your space look more stylish and chic, include variety of tones and textures.


You can make your home look more sophisticated and elegant by using neutral tones. Floor-to-ceiling drapes, reflective surfaces and button tufting can just contribute to the luxe look and create a charming ambiance. Despite the fact that this color used to be known as dull and dreary, in the last decade attitudes about grey have changed and now it is a hot neutral that interior designers incorporate in their projects. More versatile than taupe and more elegant than brown, this color is flexible and can work in just about any room in your apartment or house.


Neutral rooms can be just as cozy, comfy and warm as any other room. But, if you don’t pay attention to the little decors, you run the risk to make your space look boring. Despite the fact that neutral rooms has very little in it, details like fluffy pillows and textured wall decors prevent it from being dull. By adding such decorations, the room will look much more inviting and comfortable.

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