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#Carrier | Hospitality & Retail : Public Relations Service

Public relations service aims to convey to public, prospective customers, partners, investors and overall stakeholders a view about the organization and create an impact to gain business and brand value.  Public relations service identifies persuasion of business.  This purpose is achieved by certain basic skills of the PR industry viz. communication strategy, media relations, press release writing, community management and addressing at events. Public relations service engages in strong press releases, newsletters, public appearances and utilization of the worldwide web to communicate with the public and media.  It has a very wide scope and includes providing public relation service to hospitality and retail industry as well.  Hospitality and retail industry recognizes and appreciates awesome customer service, accommodation and food offerings. It is a multi-billion dollar industry that includes a broad category of fields within the service industry. Although it is a different sector, it recognizes the same principles for public relations as in the broad corporate category.  Choosing an appropriate public relations agency is very important, especially in the hospitality and retail sector because of the altogether different ballgame involved with the clients as well as the audience in this space.

The competition is fierce among different hospitality and retail PR agencies.

  1. Decibel Blue is an integrated PR agency in various sectors. This hospitality and retail PR agency has clients nationwide also extending into real-estate, health and wellness.
  1. Value 360 Communications are specialists in delivering significant exposure for hospitality, food and beverage and retail clients. As leading hospitality and retail PR agency in India, public relations expertise is leveraged in getting media visibility and communicated artfully on all appropriate platforms.
  1. Glocal Communications makes its strong presence in hospitality and retail PR both online and offline. With its intensive strategies and by building strong relationships, it focuses on building smooth relations between audiences and the brand by either acquiring or partnering with major India based PR firms.  As it strives to become an effective operational face and voice for the client, it also builds a strong relationship with the audience.
  1. Dovetail agency with its huge marketing expertise in luxury travel and lifestyle. Dovetail provides creativity with great experience and contacts across hospitality, property, corporate and retail across years.
  1. Liz Lapidus PR specializes in upscale retail, hospitality, real estate, health and beauty by developing customized strategies and creating lasting impressions.
  1. Beattie specializes as an integrated communications retail PR agency with some of the biggest retailers and consumer brands.
  1. Stuntman is an internationally based full time public relations agency focusing on hospitality, consumer goods, food and beverage, retail and e commerce. The agency believes in its core value of proliferative interactive    on-demand content completely outmoding widely accepted public relations practices.

The characteristics that distinguish the hospitality and retail industry are well-being of customers, authenticity and professionalism that are communicated to potential customers by an efficient Public Relations agency affiliated with successful organizations in order to gain clear competitive advantage.


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