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#Technology | How Fashion Brands Are Leveraging Instagram’s Power

Visual media platforms like Instagram have proven massively profitable for fashion brands. As many as 96% of US-based fashion brands are active on Instagram, and the reason is clear. The best Instagram brands see a 2.26% engagement rate per follower, which is 100x the performance they could expect out of Twitter, and 10x that on Facebook. There are several reasons behind why Instagram is conducive to marketing for fashion brands, and why the big brands are making big bucks.

Simplicity Is Strength

Instagram’s power lies in its simplicity. The content is served to consumers in a predictable and consistent format which is very intuitive and easy to digest. By putting user experience first, they have created a platform much loved and used by consumers. Brands,which are able to adapt to the simplicity, like Levis, have made it big there.

Fashion Never Goes Out of Style

Brands are taking over social media so that they can deliver a fresh, personal feel to audiences who would earlier treat them with a certain amount of disdain. Having a voice on social media allows the brand to be perceived as more human. A very good example is Radley, who spent a year on Instagram takeovers and have injected warmth into their persona that has returned massive dividends. Top brands are also using tools like Gramista to bring in followers.

Influencer Marketing is In

The best thing for any brand, especially fashion brands, is to be sponsored in posts by influencers with a high profile. If it is done organically, it pulls a tremendous amount of traffic and boosts sales for a long time. That said, a number of brands understand the importance of endorsement and will go out and get it at any cost. This is where the beauty of Instagram comes in- it allows even promotional posts to feel personal and beautiful. This is the latest trend that has taken over the fashion world.

Merging Offline and Online

Instagram has revolutionized fashion shows forever. Hashtags are used by designers to effectively market their lines and encourage audiences to engage and share photos socially. The best part of this is that it allows bloggers and reporters to keep track of how the events of the show work out, even if they are not in attendance. The audience too gets a behind the scenes view from the comforts of their own home. The line between online and offline has never been more blurred, and that is incredible.


Blogs were embraced by retail marketers to add a new perspective to their products. This tide has since shifted to Instagram. Micro-blogging has become inherently visual, which is why you see so many well-designed and aesthetically pleasing posts on brands’ Instagram profiles. With life moving online, influencers don’t want to be photographed repeatedly in the same outfits, which mean they go out looking for more, or repurposing what they have and looking great at it. User-generated content is now being used by retailers on their e-commerce sites to feel more genuine. Instagram is where the action is at- and more people are flocking to it every day.


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