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#leadformanceEntertainment | Ideas For The Works Christmas Party

It’s the festive season and with it comes all of the fun that can be had enjoying the festivities. The works christmas party is always a highlight for some in the festive calendar. Often the christmas party can be organised by the staff itself, and this is where you can get involved with some ideas of different things to do. You don’t have to just have the usual party in the office, you can try out some other things and I thought I would share with you some inspiring ideas to suggest in the workplace if you have a chance to have a hand in the organisation side of things.

Focus on team building rather than drinking

A works christmas party normally takes place in the workplace, perhaps on the last day of trading, with some drinks and food and fun times. However, this year why not try and do something a little different. Team building is a great way to have fun with your work colleagues, enabling you to really get to know one another without the need to be drinking and staying up till all hours. These events can be a great fun. They can test your mind and skill, as well as be fun and take place indoors and outdoors.

Organise a meal out somewhere fancy

Perhaps you want to do something a little more glamorous. Giving you and your work pals the opportunity to dress up for a change and do something a little different. Then perhaps booking a top restaurant in the local city would be the ideal way to spend your christmas works night out. Most restaurants have specific menus for the festive season and can cater for larger parties if you give enough notice. It could be a great way to toast the year while giving everyone a chance to catch up before closing down for the christmas period.

Paintballing or go karting

Paintballing may sound like something you do for a weekend jaunt, but if you are after a more unique christmas celebration where everyone including the boss will want to get involved, purely for the competitive side of things, then paintballing could be the ideal choice. If you want the competitiveness but with a less chance of injury, then another alternative would be a tournament setup for go karting. This can be a great alternative to a christmas do where you get to have some fun, but then after you could still enjoy some food and a few festive drinks to add something to your day.

Take the party outside instead of staying in the office

Finally, while the standard works party happens inside the office, why not take the festivities outside instead. It could provide you with an ideal opportunity to get a fire pit lit, a bbq on the go, or organise professionals to cater the party for you with things like a hog roast. Local businesses could set up stalls, and if your business is large enough or on a complex with other companies, you could even create your very own christmas markets.

I hope this has offered you a bit of inspiration for some alternative christmas works parties.

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