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#Health | Liver, The Organ That Helps Us To Live A Little Longer

Our liver is one of the most vitals organs of our body. It helps in detoxifying our body, getting out the biochemicals necessary to help in digesting our food and getting the protein broken down completely. Its other roles in metabolism include the production of hormones, decomposition of red blood cells along with regulation of glycogen storage. With it being such an important organ, it must be taken care of. However with liver transplants being widely conducted in India, a damaged liver can undergo a positive change.

Where does India stand? 

India stands at a very high position when it comes to surgeries. With effective cost reduction and high expertise and skill set of the doctors along with new age technologies, doctors here can cure almost everything, including a failing liver, with extreme precision and professionalism. A patient is provided with every necessity and every need is addressed to when it comes to the transplantation procedure.  With new age research technologies, clinical arrangements, continuous building research, significant infrastructural developments, continuous relentless and top notch medical services being provided to every single patient, Liver Transplant surgery in India has proven to be a boon in the transplant industry, significantly reducing the worries and the fears of people at a dead end with the procedure.

Different types of liver transplant surgery:

Orthotopic Transplant: In orthotopic transplant the entire transplant is conducted when a dead person’s whole liver is transplanted to a person in dire need of it.

Living Donor Transplant: The donor is usually a  very close acquaintance of the person who has to be operated. A part of the liver is detached or cut off and is transplanted to the liver of the person who needs it. In a few months time the donor’s liver is back in its original shape.

Split Donation: In this type of procedure, a deceased person’s liver is transplanted into two different people. Usually an adult and a child.

How to take care of your liver:

The first step in this process is to remove toxic foods from your diet. The body should be considered a temple and must be given things that don’t just have a taste value but also have a nutritional value. Raw vegetable juice should be incorporated into the diet along with potassium-rich foods. Tablets good for the liver can be taken along with milk and other supplements.

Cost of a liver transplant in India:

The cost varies from hospital to hospital and surgeon to surgeon. It also depends if it’s a government hospital or a private one. Just like most diseases, a liver disease also worsens with time. Sometimes it can reach a stage where it becomes very complex to be treated and hence the cost increases significantly. It’s important to go for routine checks to a doctor and inform him about the slightest discomforts so the problem can be immediately detected and be cured without shelling a few extra lakhs. Apart from the surgery, the patient is charged for the medication given along with the liver transplant package, hospital stay, recovery cycle and duration, transportation, fee of the other doctors and further treatment and therapy.

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