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#Parenting | Five Cool Pregnancy-related Gadgets

Pregnancy is always considered a serious matter. After all, you are giving birth to a whole new being. There are so many responsibilities and restrictions that you forget to enjoy the most beautiful time of your life. Know that pregnancy doesn’t always have to be boring and strict. You can make the whole phase cool and fun. There are many gadgets available today to make you a happy mother to be and your baby also happy.

Here are some pregnancy-related gadgets like pregnancy due date calculator that you must own –

Belly buds –

Music is a very soothing experience, especially during your pregnancy. It can make you and your baby calm and happy. The baby inside the womb has the ability to hear sounds. So, share your music with your child and let it also have a wonderful time inside there. It is proved that babies do recognize voices and remember the music that they hear when they are in the womb after they are born too. Bellybuds will help you make music accessible to your baby. They are, basically, pregnancy headphones that you can use with an iPod or any other music player. It will have adhesive rings which you can stick to your belly and music passes through it.

Five Cool Pregnancy-related Gadgets

Kick tracker –

Every mother would have experienced this fun thing of the baby kicking the belly. It is a very memorable event. There might be no particular use of tracking the baby kicks, but it is something you can record and keep as a memory. You can count the baby kicks manually too, but if you are a gadget lover, you will love this kick tracker.  This will count and time the movements. You can keep a log of the baby movements.

Acoustic stethoscope

The cute trumpet-shaped device was used earlier by midwives for hearing the baby’s heartbeats. The shape of the device creates good acoustics so you can hear sounds easily. You may have difficulty differentiating your heartbeat from your child’s in the beginning, but then it is clear and easy. It is a very fun thing to do and listen to. The acoustic stethoscope is not actually a fancy electronic device. It is simple, handy and inexpensive.

Heartbeat device –

It is a very heart touching moment to hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time. With this device, you can hear the sound of your unborn baby’s heartbeat. Place it on your belly and connect it to your mobile phone. You will be able to hear the heart beats.

Pregnancy due date calculator –

You can calculate the due date of your pregnancy and know when your bundle of joy will be arriving. Though your doctors might have told you about it, you can do the calculations yourself with the use of this simple device. Pregnancy calculator by due date is easy and simple.

These are some of the coolest pregnancy-related gadgets that you can get when you know that you will be having a baby. Don’t forget to get them as soon as you realize that you are expecting a baby.

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