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#Parenting | The Good News of Pregnancy

The good news

Pregnancy has a very special connection with a woman. Pregnancy gives birth to a mother also along with a baby. A baby comes with a lot of good news on this planet. They are the most beautiful entity in this planet and also the purest form of organism in the world. It is very much good to have babies around us. And only the woman’s are responsible for the birth of this beautiful entity. Pregnancy is also one of the complicated thing that can ever happen in the lifetime of the woman. It is very beautiful and but also the most complicated and complex phenomena. The woman’s body undergoes infinite number of changes that happens due to the presence of the hormones. Although as the mother sees her baby for the first time and hears his or her cry for the first time all of the pain and the stress that occurs in the span of the 6 months is worth of everything. This is the most beautiful thing about pregnancy that within pain also a number of happiness is hidden and it gets out once the baby gets delivered. And there is nothing so pure in this world than the relation between the mothers her baby. The purest of all.

The changes

As it is said earlier pregnancy causes a number of changes in the physical being of the would be mother. These changes are very much natural and also very much required for the fact that without this a human baby cannot be able to born or grow. These changes in the bodily organization is actually good for the health of the woman too as carrying a baby for 9 months and enduring all the other phenomena that happens during this time is not a matter of joke. These changes are mainly directed by the hormones and the hormonal changes that occurs in the female body during this period. In normal situation also the human female body is very much directed with the hormones and the function of hormones. But during this time the hormones are secreted in a large rate and also changes the course of normal functionality. Few hormones are also secreted during time which are specific for the time. They dictate a lot of functions as well. One of the most important function is the abdominal cramp in the later stages of the pregnancy. It occurs due to the function of the hormones in the uterus region.


Kicks are very common in this phase. It occurs once the baby starts growing for the first time. Once an optimum growth is reached the kicks starts. It is very much a good sign which depicts that the baby is in good condition in the mother’s body. Baby kick counter wristbands are present to count the number of kicks in a day.

Consulting experts

Doctors should be consulted in between time in a recurrent phase as the recurrent checkups are very much needed so that they if any chances of problem appears in the woman’s body that can harm the baby can be cured before its advent.


Daily pregnancy calendars are also present so that it can used by the mother’s to know what will happen next and what the normal course of the events is.

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