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#Health | Pregnancy fears you need to be aware about

It is not only love and marriage, but there exists pregnancy. There is a baby growing inside you and a lot of physical and mental changes take place. Be it your first or third pregnancy is an exciting time of your life. Pretty much on the lines of common neurological disorders in pregnancy, a lot of trivial issues come up. When you are expecting your first baby it is normal to be a bit worried. The elders may suggest medicine for neurological disorders during pregnancy, but there are some fears you need to stay away.

Chances of a miscarriage

The foetus is most vulnerable in the first trimester of pregnancy as 20 % of all pregnancies are known to end up in a miscarriage. This fear is compounded if you already have a miscarriage in the past. A little bleeding might rush to the doctor as you fear for the worst.

If a miscarriage is going to take place it will be more likely in the starting stages of pregnancy. This would be in the first 4 to 5 weeks and you might not even be aware that you are pregnant. If a miscarriage does occur it could be said that the pregnancy was not a healthy one, and it was in the best interest for the mother and the developing baby.

Once a miscarriage the good news is that you tend to be more fertile whereby the chances of a second one happening is on the lower side. In order to lower the chances of miscarriage lower your caffeine intake to less than 200 mg per day. It is suggested that you can opt for a pre conception test at the office of a doctor to figure out whether you suffer from any existing health conditions that lead to a miscarriage.

The baby is going to have an impact of morning sickness

The vomiting that is taking place will leave your baby exhausted. When you are confronted with round the clock nausea the last thing you would want to eat is anything healthy. For the betterment of the baby you need to consume anything that happens to be healthy.

The only scenario where you need to worry about morning sickness is when it is going to have an impact on the baby. This would be when you are puking nonstop and you are not able to keep down any food that includes water.

Consumption of food or drink that is going to harm the baby

Accidental consumption of any item would cause a sense of panic during pregnancy as your doctor would have asked you to stay away from it.

As there is a list of items that you need to keep away from when you are pregnant it does make sense to have any item when you are pregnant. Do opt for a balance diet and when you have any doubts do not overeat. Once the baby is born you have the rest of your life to enjoy.

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