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Reasons Making Lake District A Must Visit Place This Winter

For most, the Lake District in the UK is often looked upon as a great summertime tourist destination. So, why not take a moment and look at it as a wintertime paradise as well. Why always take the path taken by many, why not go for the roads less taken? After all, breaking a trend is a bit of an adventure itself, isn’t it?

There are many reasons why you should pack your bags, and set the Lake District as your holiday destination this winter. Let us take a look at some of those now.

Raise your Christmas Spirit with the Christmas Markets at Windermere and Penrith

Penrith and Windermere are both hosts for Christmas markets. The trend took off since the year 2016 and since its start, it was an instant hit. The Christmas markets at these two places are your ideal chance to make the most out of, especially if you are looking for something unique for your loved ones this year.

Lovers of stage performances and theatre won’t be left out

The Lake District is riddled with theatres making the area a paradise for the lovers of drama and stage performances. Back in the year 2016, The Theatre by the lake hosted Neil Duffield’s adaptation of the famous play The Nightingale. People, even till date, never fail to praise the seamless movements of Chinese Theatre, backed by the colour and the spectacle.

Care for a drink? There are many pubs here

The Lake District is a paradise for anyone who has a thirst for Ale and country drinks. The county is packed with cosy, yet beautiful pubs that are popular for their locally brewed beers. On top of that, there are many pubs that have their own live brewery.

The place is a heaven for taking a winter walk with your loved ones

Irrespective of anyone’s age and physical fitness, taking a winter walk with their loved ones is a delightful experience here in the Lake District. The Tarn Hows was once under the ownership of the famous children’s writer Beatrix Potter. The property is now open for the public that is popular among the crowds for the circular pathway. It is a great place to take a brisk walk whether you are the elderly or the young. In case you have your granny with you who is complaining about her aching back, you can go ahead and hire an all-terrain scooter, free of cost.

Ah! The Lakes!

Ahh! You are reading about why you should visit the Lake District and you thought the writer won’t mention a point about the stars of the area? When you are visiting the Lake District, if you fail to pay a visit to any of the lakes in the area, then you are missing out, big time. Take your pick – The Coniston, The Windermere, The Ullswater, or The Derwentwater. Done? Well, now you can relax on the waters of the Lake either on a launch or a steamer and make the most out of a relaxing sightseeing spree.

It is evident that The Lake District is the perfect place to be no matter the season or time of the year. On top of that, the place is teaming with comfy Lake District hotel which makes your stay more comfortable. So, don’t waste any more time and make sure you visit the county this winter as soon as possible.

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