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Reynad Net Worth in 2018 – Career, Awards, Personal Life

In the event that we have called this article Andrey Yanyuk Net Worth in 2018, you possibly wouldn’t know who we are discussing, however when we say Reynad everyone from the gaming scene, and more extensive, know well indeed.

He is the most cherishing and well known “Hearthstone” major part in America, and he is just 26. Reynad is an exceptionally fruitful youngster and in the content beneath you can find out about his profit, merchandise, individual life, and total assets.

Early Life and Biography

Toward the start of his fruitful excursion, he was a conventional player of this Trading Card game. This young fellow who played Magic, The Gathering toward the beginning, presently claims e-sport association for proficient video gamers, Tempo Storm.

Brought up in Ukraine during the ’90s, Andrey has shown early his advantage in this amusement field. This lead to the way that he turned into a pioneer game designer at a youthful age. Right now he lives in Huntington Beach, California.

Reynad is absent just in the gaming business as he is likewise the director of Ritzy Who, a Danish Band. We can likewise say that he is an influencer on the grounds that his Twitch account has in excess of 500,000 supporters. Simply type ‘reynad27’ and see it for yourself.

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