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#Shopping | The Top Three Reasons For Choosing Plastic Adirondack Chairs For Your Patio Or Deck

Whenever you picture fun, relaxed outdoor gatherings with family and friends, what do you see in terms of furniture? You most likely see an outdoor grill, tables decorated with festive, summer themes, possibly a swimming, and comfortable seating for guests. Take a closer consider the seating, and tell me everything you see. Allow me to guess – you see a direct back and seat, with wide armrests great for setting foot on, and an attractive, classic wooden look. That could be an Adirondack chair, and the first reason to decide on plastic Adirondack chairs for the patio – because they’re classic, quintessential outdoor chairs that never walk out style.

Reason number 2 for choosing plastic Adirondack chairs is that plastic lumber, (or engineered wood/recycled plastic because it is also called), lasts longer than wooden chairs and requires less maintenance. Engineered wood resists bugs, mold, mildew and sun fading, and do not require staining or waterproofing like wooden chairs require. Because they’re cr plastic products they cannot fade and warp like wood, and an added bonus is that plastic lumber is easy to clean.

Reason number 3 for choosing Adirondack chairs made from plastic lumber, rather than crafted from wood, is since they’re less expensive. Yep, you heard right, less costly! Because wooden Adirondack chairs should be hand crafted, they cost more, whereas the plastic ones may be manufactured by machinery, and are therefore less expensive. But no less comfortable, so don’t worry about that note! Plus, tons of variations on the classic Adirondack have now been created, including rockers and porch swings.

So come July 1st, while outfitting your patio with the best furniture for relaxed, relaxed gatherings, choose plastic Adirondack chair sets for the guests. They’ll be easier to completely clean, cheaper to search for, and looked just just like the originals designed long ago in 1903 – by way of a man who was, in reality, trying to generate an ideal chair for his summer home in the Adirondack mountains! His design remains perfect for the outside, and has become even better thanks to a relationship of classic design and modern, engineered wood.

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