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#Pets | Siberian husky: What Homework you should do before owning one?

Siberian husky –

Dogs are in trend. It might sound weird to you, but dogs are making their presence in every society. Whether you talk about high-class lifestyle or lower-middle-class people; you can find dogs being pampered, loved and adored like anything. People are adopting dogs without any hitch. The more interesting thing is that people are extremely particular about their choices and preferences. They pick a breed that enchants them and suits their needs.

There are different breeds out there, and one popular one is Siberian husky.  Of course, who can say ‘no’ to a gorgeous Husky right? Well, have you ever looked at their stunning piercing eyes, dense and soft fur? And don’t forget that they look like a huge wolf that is just so cool.  Like any type of new pet dog, this Siberian husky too comes with its own piece of needs and requirements so as to make sure it remains content and endearing member of the family. It is always good to know about the needs of your Husky before you deny or accept this breed. Though every individual dog is quite different, and some of them may not even apply to every dog breed out there, yet the following are a few things that you should consider before you bring a husky home. There are many things that you would want to know about Husky before you own one right? Well, without any delays, have a look at some point’s right below:

Siberian husky
Siberian husky

A Leader

You know what, your Siberian husky is going to respect and follow a leader as long as it knows who that individual is. From a very young age, your family members and you will have to display and declare your authority as boss. Your dog will also have to understand that it is lower in the pecking order as compared to any other human member in the household, including kids.

But hang on, these Huskies are quite stubborn. They are going to do what they wish to do and when they want the thing to be done. At times, if they don’t want to do a specific thing you have told them to do, they won’t. You cannot make them do that specific thing at all.  It would be good that you develop in your husky behaviour and lifestyle of love and leadership. It gets you responsibility to make him understand that you are the leader and he has to obey. It is vital that you do not permit this stubborn behaviour to go unimpeded; otherwise, you might find your husky ruling the entire house and, with strong regional instincts, it might lead to serious issues down the road. But yes, it doesn’t mean you should deter the idea of having one. If you are good at teaching your husky the right leadership things, he won’t come up with a stubborn act.

Immense Cuddling

All the dogs are pack animals, but when talking about a husky, it is all the more obvious. Cuddling is something that a husky gives and gets the most. The moment you touch a husky, you feel like hugging it. You know what, once you have a husky at home; you might get some amazing gestures from his part. They expect to be greeted at the front door with a flapping tail and a profusion of cuddles and licks. If you think that is all, then you are rushing a lot. It doesn’t end there, these huskies even want to sit in your lap, sit right next to you and do whatever it takes to be around you.

Siberian husky
Siberian husky

So, you have to make sure that you have sufficient time to cater your husky the interaction it requires. A Husky is not really the best choice if you are away from your home for more than eight hours every day, though possessing another doggish companion might be helpful. So, if you can give your beloved husky that much of time, it is great otherwise move on to another breed.

Pets: What a Husky Feels?

The good news is that these Siberian Huskies are absolutely friendly and they generally get along with other dogs easily. But yes a point to be noted here is that they may wish to ensure they are higher in a hierarchy of pack.

Huskies have a strong greedy nature that simply means other tiny pets like birds, hamsters, mice and especially rabbits might not be a great combination. Even if other pets are carefully secured in the cages or tanks, you must expect you’re husky to become obsessed and seldom leave them alone. Yes, integrating a husky with tinier pets is, of course, possible, but it should be done at an extremely young age and that too with on-going supervision.

Living zone

These Huskies are independent and nosy animals. They need a zone wherein they can roam around and explore.  If you are living in an apartment or you plan to keep your new pet just as a ‘house dog’ a husky might not be for you.  These fellows have powerful back legs and can easily jump to impressive heights right from a sitting position. Since that is the case, you need to ensure their living space is enclosed with tall fences – six feet is a great measure.

Climate is a Concern

These Siberian Huskies come from the freezing conditions of their namesake and zones with cooler climates are best.  If you do stay or live in a hotter area then your husky should have access to appropriate amounts of air conditioning, shade and water as the heat can cause grave health issues. You have to figure it out before you get a husky one. However, if you live in a hill station or at a place where the climate is cooler; it would be a no issue for you.

So, when are you going to look for the right Husky names? These points have just acquainted you with the beauties of Siberian Huskies! If you feel Husky is going to make your life wonderful, don’t hesitate to have one!

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