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#Technology | The 4 Secrets About Recover Deleted Files Only A Handful Of People Know

Each and every one of us has deleted a file and realized afterward that we might need it back. It is a bad situation which luckily can be reversed in just a couple of simple steps (in the majority of situations). There are numerous tools that will help you get a file back from your hard drive, memory card, flash drive, or any storage option you might be using. So here is everything you need to know if you want to recover deleted files.

1.Go to your recycle bin

If you haven’t emptied the recycle bin, the first thing you have to do is to check it for the files you need. There is a possibility you forgot to click on Empty the recycle bin option after deleting the files from a folder. So if you see the files you want back in the recycle bin, use the right-click and select Restore.

2.Check for backup

While not all users are cautious enough to create a backup, there is a large number of people who do have it just in case something unexpected happens. So if you made a backup after creating the files you accidentally deleted, there is a huge possibility they are still there. Search through your backup to find the files you need and copy them back.

3.Recovery files software

If you know that there is no way a file is located in your recycle bin, or you don’t have a backup, stop using your computer right now because you might lower the chances you have with a recovery file software. There are many programs out there which are designed to get you back the files you deleted so you don’t want to rewrite anything off your hard drive.

Our suggestion is to download the software onto another device, copy it to your flash drive, and plug it into the computer that has the files you want to recover. Search for software that has the portable version available because it is easier to use. Installable software might rewrite an important piece of data during the setup process. The portable versions are usually a zip file which you can extract on your flash drive. Then launch it from there and recover deleted files.

4.Ask for help

Not everyone is tech savvy so hiring a professional to do the job for you can be your best option if you think that you might not be up for the task. There are probably a couple of computer repair shops that can help you recover deleted files so ask around.

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