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Technology | How to Get Right the Choice of Your Database Consulting Services Provider

Perhaps the single biggest contributor to the globalization of business is the high-speed internet that makes it possible for businesses to move around huge volumes of information across the world making B2B and B2C collaboration and information-sharing more convenient. It has also enabled organizations to focus more on their core competencies as they are no longer forced to possess, operate, and manage everything that they need. By doing so, they can achieve better efficiency and productivity.

Nowhere has outsourcing been as effective as in IT services such as database administration. Businesses are freed from the responsibility of having to establish and operate large IT infrastructure, as well as commensurate manpower or keep up with the latest technologies. Beneficial as outsourcing database administration is, you still need to get your choice of the outsourcing service provider right to be able to benefit from the exercise.

How to Identify the Best Database Services Provider

When you are setting out to choose a competent, reliable, and cost-effective DBA services provider, you may end up feeling confused. It is essential that your selection process is planned and circumspect so that you are able to identify the service provider that best suits your requirement and is also compatible with your organizational style and culture. Before you begin, it is very important that you define and document what you expect the service provider to deliver. Unless there is complete clarity and agreement on this within the organization, the selection is liable to be wrong and there could be confusion regarding the role of the service provider.

Document Your Existing IT Infrastructure and Performance Shortfall

Even as you need to understand what the database administration service provider will do for you, it also important to communicate it to the agencies that you have shortlisted for evaluation. You need to communicate clearly what you have at the moment, where you are heading, the issues that you are facing, and what you are expecting. While you can choose from any service provider around the globe, you may find it easier to work with an agency that is located in the same time zone or one that has a very large distributed presence like

Evaluate the agency

Only choose an agency that has the required expertise and experience of working with clients in your sector. Look critically at its financials as only a stable firm can give you consistent and reliable services. If you need 24×7 support, look at the resource depth and verify its claims. Set response benchmarks and work only with an agency that agrees with them. You need to find out if you and the service provider get along well. Working with agencies that don’t have the right attitude or working with ones that are too large can often end in disaster.


Once you have identified an agency that seems right for you, should request a formal pitch and take in the views of your IT team. This is the time when all performance parameters and costs of engagement should be discussed and frozen.

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