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The Top Trends In The Vaping Industry.

The vaping industry is constantly evolving. Inhaling vapor is demonstrably more safe than inhaling tar-filled tobacco smoke. This single fact has led to the development of a healthy and diverse industry dedicated to producing and marketing ever more innovative e-cigarettes. Here are some of the top trends in the industry today.


CBD is a cannabis extract that does not contain the psychoactive ingredient found in recreational marijuana known as THC. It has been purported to have all sorts of therapeutic effects, including relief from anxiety, pain, rashes, and blood sugar spikes. Research is inconclusive about the number of positive effects that the extract has on the human body and mind. One thing is for certain, though: people are buying the stuff in absolutely huge quantities. The US CBD market grew by 700 percent in 2019 and looks to be undergoing stable growth. One of the most popular ways of consuming CBD is through vapor. E-liquid manufacturers have quickly jumped upon the CBD bandwagon, and many companies offer liquids that contain no nicotine at all – just cannabis extract. CBD is legal to vape in most places and has no recreational effects of the kind found in marijuana. Coincidentally, the vaporizer was initially used for smoking marijuana before Hon Lik invented the nicotine e-cigarette in 2003.

Pod Systems

Pod vape kits are incredibly widespread – and they are only getting more popular as big-name companies produce pod systems. Pod kits enable a user to carry around several different flavors at once: effortlessly changing between them without having to wash out their e-cigarette. Companies have essentially marketed pod systems as a completely separate style of product to conventional electronic cigarettes. That may not be entirely the case, and it may be that they are just a different way to vape, in the way that earbuds and over-the-head headphones are both different products that do the exact same thing. It is just personal preference to which one is bought.

Pod systems are here to stay. They are convenient, easy to reload, and often pleasingly small. They are also highly profitable. Users are likely to purchase extra pods after acquiring the base kit, as there are different skins and designs available.

Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salts – known colloquially as nic salts – are a combination of nicotine and acid that are becoming more and more popular with dedicated vapers. The reason: nic salts enable a user to take in higher levels of nicotine without irritating their throats. This is something of a double-edged sword. Although nicotine is not poisonous in itself, it is addictive, and it is often taken alongside things that are bad for the body. Accordingly, the more addicted you are to nicotine, the more likely you are to damage your body. Nic salts are perfectly fine if used responsibly.

Proponents of nic salt use argue that by increasing the level of nicotine a person can ingest in small quantities of vapor, they are less likely to habitually take in lots of chemicals as they will get their fill of nicotine from less vape oil. Only time will tell whether this benefit will be widespread.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Yes, even smoking is not safe from the encroachment of the ‘Internet of Things’. While a Bluetooth connection between your phone and your vape might seem absolutely useless at first, it can have some pretty interesting benefits. If your vape is connected to your phone, an app can monitor your nicotine intake and allow you to set goals for giving up the addictive chemical altogether. You’ll be able to see patterns in your vape use and set limits to how much you are permitted by your system to vape each day. It has the potential to be genuinely useful. Of course, there are some useless functions planned as well. A vape/ Bluetooth speaker combination has, bizarrely, already been released.

Caffeinated Liquids

There is a growing trend in the Vape market for liquids that perk you up. The caffeine in these liquids is usually extracted from taurine or coffee. It would no doubt feel good to get a caffeine kick out of a cloud of aromatic steam on your way to work, but this trend might be a step too far for many people. There is some worry that people will find themselves taking too much caffeine into their bodies because of just how easy it is to vape regularly. Essentially, it is up to the user to police how much caffeine they are inhaling.

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