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Things You Should Know About Submersible Pumps

Unlike a centrifugal water pump, a submersible pump can operate underwater. This quality of the pump makes it unique and can be used in different kinds of applications. Just like other pumps, there are different varieties for different purposes. You can use to drain unwanted water and also can use for garden irrigation. Anyhow it is important for you to understand how it works and features before buying one. In this article, we will try to give answers to all of your questions related to submersible pumps.

What is A Submersible Pump?

It is a type of water pump that can be used to pump water but it works underwater. The working of this pump is the same as the centrifugal pump as it uses impellers to pump water. However, it is hermetically sealed to protect the inner electrics. This pump is either oil or air fueled and uses a range of impellers to pump solids and liquids of different size and viscosity.

How Does It Work?

As you already know that it is hermetically sealed to protect the inner electrics that also makes it able to operate underwater. It is very useful in several situations where you want to drain unwanted water. It works using a float switch that turns on the pump when it detects a certain level of water. Whenever the switch detects the presence of water, it turns on the motor automatically. After that, it sucks the water in using impellers and ejects out of the impellers. The steps are as follows:

Step 1:

Float Switch has detected the presence of the water.

Step 2:

Now the float switch has turned on the pump motor.

Step 3:

Impellers of the motor started to draw water into the pump

Step 4:

Now the impellers are forcing the water out of the pump.

Uses of The Submersible Pump

There are several uses of this pump and a normal person can use it for the following applications:

Draining Unwanted Bodies of Water

It is very useful in draining floodwater from the basement of your home. Most of the main water pipelines are in the basement of the home. When leakage occurs, the basement flood in water. In these cases, the float switch automatically operates the motor when it detects a certain level of water for pumping the water out of the basement.


It can be used to drain water from the ponds and aquarium. Moreover, it is useful in irrigating your garden or a piece of land. Most of the users use it to rainwater harvesting system so they can use the main water.

Pumping Water from Boreholes and Wells

It is an ideal pump for pumping water out of wells and boreholes. The reason is that it is very effective from great depths. It tightly sits down on confined spaces and starts pumping water out with less power.

Oil Industry

Another application of this pump is in oil wells. It can be used for pumping oil from the ground to the treatment plants.

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