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Basic Beauty Tips for Face and Skin

In the beauty world, there are many little tips and tricks that you should consider. Whether it’s about care or make-up, with these tips you’ll surely do everything right and make sure you look perfect.

Below you will find beauty tips that you can apply at home.


Facials have been marketed in part for a very long time wrong. When asking women or men why they should go to the facial, most do not know why or do not quite see the value of it. Above all, they do not know how valuable such a treatment is and what it brings if you perform it regularly.

What you will achieve with a regular facial treatment is a visible improvement in the appearance of the skin. Already with the first treatment, you will be astonished how the skin improves and looks more radiant and beautiful.  In the long run, a major change and improvement in the skin’s appearance and skin health will definitely be visible.

Going to a beautician or SPA is often seen as relaxation and luxurious. While it is really super relaxing, it is still not all that you get with such a treatment.

Always wash your face lukewarm in the morning. Hot water destroys the natural fat layer of the skin and dries out. The best thing is cold water; it also has the effect of waking you up. To clean your face in the evening, you can use natural products such as coconut oil – this is good for the skin because no artificial ingredients attack the skin.

Goat milk is a great care for your face. Wear it with the cotton pad on the face and let it feed briefly, then dry off the excess liquid with a towel. Ice helps you to eliminate any kind of swelling and redness, giving your face a fresh kick. Also great: put your moisturizer in the fridge, which provides a cooling sensation on the skin. Does not use new care products all the time – otherwise, your skin gets mixed up and cannot get used to a product.

Skin Care Routine

We try to maintain a healthy lifestyle for which we strive to eat healthily and exercise regularly. And that’s exactly how it is with skincare.

You should not negate what you have worked hard with sports by eating unhealthy and high-calorie food afterward. It’s the same in cosmetics.

Of course, the quality of the cosmetic products is very important and the ingredients are as natural as possible. It is important that the skin takes care of it as food, and that no bad ingredients are included.

You may now think, “Okay, that’s it: every month a face treatment and a good home care and then you have the perfect skin”.

Skin Diet

There is obviously no clear skin diet. Many gurus would wish that you believed in it. Of course, you can choose special types of food, but you do not have to give up everything you like. Everybody is so different and a nutritionist can best advise you personally. It would be ideal to integrate many different proteins, fruits and vegetables into your diet. Eating has a definite influence on the skin.

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