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#Travel Tips | Exploring nature and wildlife in Uganda

They say that travellers make the best storytellers. The eyes of every dreamful wanderer are full of all the colours and hues of the world that they seek to traverse. And one of these very dreams that almost every traveller has grown up with is the African dream. And what better way to actually realise that dream than to go on a Uganda safari? From the majestic mountain gorillas to the spectacular white rhino, the forests and the grasslands of Uganda are teeming with life. Here, the trees whisper strange songs and the shadows form the figures of amazing beasts. From languid sunflower fields to lands where the world’s tallest animal roams freely, Uganda has it all.

And that’s not all. If you choose to visit this wonderland of a magical home to all life bright and beautiful, there are a hundred other flora and fauna to explore, each of which will be quite ready to take your breath away. But since you might not get the chance to visit all of them during your trip, here is a list of our very favourite plants and animals that you must meet at least once during your trip:

<H3> White rhino </H3>

You can meet this gorgeous and grand figure in the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. In the early 2000’s, the white rhino was brought back to its home in Ziwa.

Home to over 15 wild white rhinos, the sanctuary sprawls over a staggering seven thousand hectare. It is also the only Ugandan area where you can still spot them majestically roam their wild and free kingdom.

<H3> Rothschild’s giraffe </H3>

Like we promised you in the introduction itself, Uganda is also home to the world’s tallest animal. The Rothchild’s giraffe has a neck long enough to give you vertigo and his head is adorned by 5 horns instead of only two, like the other giraffes of the world. Rothschild’s giraffe is also one of the rarest subspecies on this planet. And yet you can watch them munching away at green, green leaves for hours at an end at the national park of Murchison Falls.

<H3> Shoebill </H3>

The Shoebill is as beautiful as it is terrifying and is easily one of the very peculiar birds in this country and perhaps even the world. As can be guessed from the name, the Shoebill’s bill is shaped like a shoe. But what makes it scary is the sharp hook that the bill ends in. while almost always compared to storks, the shoebill is more of a relative to their noisier cousins aka the pelicans. You can catch a glimpse of this lean, mean bird if you visit the Mabamba Wetlands.

<H3>  The majestic lions </H3>

If you visit the Ishasha section of the Queen Elizabeth Park, you will be greeted by a most amazing sight aka tree-climbing lions! These lions are one of the only two groups in the world that act this way. The reason is simple. The branches provide relief from the heat and all those pesky flies. They might even come in handy sometimes when they need to scratch a body part they can’t reach.

This list obviously does not even begin to cover every animal you need to spot when you are in Uganda. You should also give the famous mountain gorillas in Bwindi and the Giant groundsels at Rwenzori a fair chance while you are at it. The Giant groundsels will especially change the way you look at the world and sunflowers ever again.

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