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Unexplored Beauties in Switzerland you didn’t know about

The alluring beauty of Switzerland doesn’t necessarily need a separate introduction. From the beautiful mountain scenery to the various chocolate box villages, the possibilities of attraction are endless. If you are planning your next trip here, you can easily get houses for rent in Switzerland and just feel right at home even being away from home. From the vast array of mountainous farms to the amazing metropolitan cities, this specific and quaint European nation has a lot to offer.

While the majority of the people gorge down on the commonly visited places in and around there, you can seek some solace if you want to enjoy the trip without getting overwhelmed with the crowd, there are some places you can actually visit that won’t necessarily try and ruin your trip.

So, hold on tight and get ready to plan your itinerary with these specific additions for your Switzerland trip.


You might think why even say that this is a list of underrated places when the first in the list is the capital itself, right? Even if the capital city is Bern, it is often times overshadowed by a number of other places in Switzerland like Zurich, Geneva etc. But, trust us because a visit to the capital city will be anything but disappointing for you. There are a number of things you can do while there.

From visiting one of the oldest fountain sculptures in the place, Kindlifresser, also often known as the Child Eater or even visit the flat that Albert Einstein stayed in Kramgasse which has seen some of the most amazing works that he has shared with the world. And of course, while the presence of the Bärengraben is no longer in existence, its connection and impact can be seen all around.


If you are planning your trip to Switzerland, it is pretty common for you to jot down a visit to Pilatusbahn which is known for its steepest cogwheel railway. While that place is definitely significant, visiting Niesenbahn is not something you can miss out either. This place is what forms the linkage between the village of Mülenen and Niesen.

This specific funicular was opened back in 1910 and with the maximum gradient of 68%, this is definitely the country’s one of the most valued pieces of engineering. Try and climb up as high as you can to enjoy the picturesque beauty of the Alps as well as the tranquilizing Lake Thun.


If history and castles and such historical structures are your statures, Bellinzona is just the right place you need to pay a visit to. It has not one but three medieval castles and has been registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Just take a quick stroll through the alleyway to enjoy the amazing architecture, elegant mansions, and the century-old churches.

Hiking is also an amazing way to indulge in some light and fun adventure. Take to the steep hills and share the amazing view of the mountain-backed castles. If in the mood for some quick shopping, just visit the Saturday market in the area.


You might know or not know but Switzerland is pretty much covered with medieval towns that reflect its rich history. Thun is one of those historical towns in Switzerland and definitely catches the tourist’s attraction and leaves them speechless with its beautiful landscapes. If visiting Bernese Oberland has been on your list, you definitely need to make a pit stop at Thun.

You definitely can’t miss out on visiting the Schadau Park to view the Thun-Panorama. This amazing painting which measures 7×38 meters gives you a quick overview of what Thun looked like back a couple of hundred years ago. It is a 360° circular painting.


This is possibly one of the most underrated and hidden gems located in Bernese Oberland. It is an emerald green body of water and is a perfect place to visit if you are into rowing and want some peace and quiet time for yourself. You will get gondolas that can easily carry you up the mountains to the village. From there, you need to hike your way up to visit the shore of the lake.

While coming down again, just hike back and you will come across an Alpine slide which is an easy way out of the place.


This is one of those railway stations stops that many tourists get down on but not many actually do make a stop to explore the city around. It is believed that Chur is actually the oldest city in the country of Switzerland and it’s not just farfetched words but the archaeological remains to prove the point.

This city is mainly famous for the history of savvy people who like to know and explore places that date back way in time. It is filled with amazing views of churches, museums, shops and even cafes that might take your mind off of the initial itinerary that you planned all along.

Lavaux Wine District

It wouldn’t have been a complete list if one didn’t include the Lavaux Wine District. It is one of the most beautiful wine districts and provides you with an amazing respite from the consistent Alpine hiking. Just grab some of their best wine around and enjoy a bottle back beside the Lake of Geneva and trust us, you won’t regret the experience.

These underrated places are definitely going to steer your thoughts and make you question the initial trip that you planned ahead. Make some changes and include these because if not, you are surely going to miss out on a lot.

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