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#Entertainment | Best Mobile Soccer Games That Will Keep You Playing For Hours

With soccer being the most popular sport in the world, there is a high demand for top-notch soccer games on all gaming platforms. Experience the excitement of the soccer field wherever you go, with full soccer gameplay right on your phone! Grab the soccer ball, select your team and start scoring those winning goals. Play stickman soccer and head soccer games and carve your path towards becoming a soccer star! Get unlimited soccer fun anytime, anywhere with the best soccer games at your fingertips!

Do you wish you could play in the FIFA World Cup? Get started on your soccer career with great games like Score! Hero and New Star Soccer. Take control of the ball, become the hero of your team and shoot that soccer ball to stardom! You might not make ESPN soccer news, but you will live the life of a star straight from your phone.

Head Soccer for hilarious soccer games

Head Soccer is a one of a kind game with big-headed soccer players competing against each other to see who has the best skills. Have a blast creating your own player using bizarre shapes for head, nose, and mouth. The disproportionately large heads really make the game extremely hilarious! The game controls are easy to use and super intuitive. Choose from 7 different game modes and play with your friends online too! Beat your opponents with great shots like dragon shoot, ice shoot, and lighting shoot. Upgrade your character and become the ultimate champion. This game is so fun, you will become addicted instantly and lose all sense of time! 

Score! Hero for becoming a worldwide soccer star

Score! Hero is a great choice for carving out your own soccer career. The game is super easy to play and hard to put down! Create your own player and work your way up to the big leagues, with over 560 levels to beat. Your soccer skills are put to the test with a clever AI that adapts to your soccer strategy. Represent your own country and earn trophies and awards as you score goals and win games. See how you stack up against your friends and other players on a worldwide leaderboard! Highly detailed 3D graphics really bring the action to you, as you watch how every shot bends into the top corner. 

New Star Soccer for experiencing the path to soccer stardom

Live the life of a rising soccer star and experience all the ups and downs that come with a soccer career with New Star Soccer. Start as a 16-year-old beginner and work your way up towards becoming a Premier League legend by making crucial decisions along the way! The ball physics are highly realistic, with intuitive controls that make it super fun to play. Upgrade your soccer skills as you advance and take control of your celebrity status post-game too! New Star Soccer is a truly immersive experience of the soccer universe.

Whether you are a sports fan or not, soccer games are super fun to play! The latest advancements in technology have really made a difference in bringing the entire soccer universe into your mobile device. The excitement and dynamics of the soccer field are at your fingertips, with the best soccer games right on your phone. Can’t play soccer because it is raining outside? No problem. Grab your phone, take control of the soccer ball and prepare for a truly addictive experience.

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