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Basic tips to protect your PC

As things changed too quickly the technology is behind it. The perspective over here is cybersecurity against hacking from hackers. Hackers are the person that is very skilled experts that steals your private data or details with their technical knowledge from a place near or far away from you.

There are many hackers in the world from different continent to different cities; they used to find easy prey and then make them their victim, these victims are basically from a mid-age person or above 60 ages, because of their less knowledge for a computer they become an easy target for them. To avoid such type of problem some tips provided over here will certainly help you in protecting your pc.

  • Keep your antivirus software as well as OS up to date: People often makes mistake or become careless as per this point. They feel that this is a lethargic job to do. Most users don’t even bother to update the software. This is wrong keeping your OS and antivirus updated will surely help you give protection against any threat. The updates fill the loopholes that a hacker can find thus it eliminates the chance of hacking.
  • Backup: User often reject this part because of the data loss or waste of time, but backing up your data will surely help in regaining it if get lost or got corrupted during a cyber-attack. A backing of data can be done on a pen drive, hard disk, online services, cloud storage and also on Google drive. Data size is restricted up to some extent make sure to keep your data in different places.
  • Avoid spam emails or email attached links: Hackers are smart enough to breakdown the firewall through any means; this is also their way to reach. A spam mail or unidentified mail with an attached link is really dangerous never click them as they might infect your pc.
  • Use of antivirus software and their support services: You can find plenty of the software in the market as well as there is free software that is also available for windows user. One needs to check their services and support. Norton 360 support is rated 4/5 among all other antiviruses.
  • Firewall: Firewall is a type of network that is used for monitoring as well for controlling the incoming and outgoing to the traffic under security rules. If you have an antivirus and you think that is enough then you are wrong my friend. Firewall has its own importance because it acts as a barrier between the untrusted and trusted network.
  • Downloading: You must ensure the things before downloading, unwanted material can be dangerous for both hardware and software of the PC. You assure you setting to active to detect the unauthorized services for download.
  • Ads and pop up blocker: Pop-ups can be a trap from the hackers; they have found a way through these, by clicking you will be directed towards their sites. So it is recommended to have a blocker.

If you follow these rules, it will surely act as a barricading between you and the potential threats.

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