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Recovering from a Sports Injury

Getting into shape and engaging in a good exercise routine is great, but if you are not careful you could hurt yourself. Sports injuries are not uncommon, and they can range from minor aches and pains to more severe issues. If you are feeling tender and sore after a workout, below are a few tips to help you recover from your injury and get back to fighting fit in no time.


Try to rest your injured area as much as you can at first. It is important to move slightly so you do not seize up, but certainly do not over-exert yourself. Keeping the injury elevated might help in certain circumstances as well as this helps to improve the blood flow. If your injury does get worse and becomes swollen and very painful to touch, you should visit the emergency room immediately for x-rays and further examination.

Gentle Stretches

As mentioned above, if you do not move the area at all there is a risk you will seize up and this can be even more uncomfortable. While you should not move your injured area too much, gentle stretches to help keep the muscles stay limber could be beneficial. Massaging the area if it is not too painful to touch could also help with this.

Use Supports

If you have injured your wrist, knee, elbow, ankles, or even your back, you can purchase supports to use until you have fully recovered. They will help you manage daily tasks even if you do have a slight sprain. For instance, if you play a lot of tennis and require tennis elbow recovery, this compression sleeve from Bearhug is ideal. You can also purchase a range of other supports from them as well.

Apply Ice

If you can tell you have injured yourself during a workout or a game, apply ice to the area immediately. This will help reduce the swelling and inflammation, which will hopefully ease some of the pain. You might only need to apply it for 15-minutes, or if you are still having issues, do this throughout the day until the swelling is under control. If this does not work or there is discoloration, then it will require a trip to the emergency room.

Pain Relief

If your injury is minor to mild, over-the-counter pain relief should be enough to make you more comfortable while you recover from your injury. Codeine is one of the strongest pain killers you can get over the counter, so this is better suited to particularly painful injuries. Just do not take codeine for longer than 3 days at a time, it can have bad side effects and it is easy to get addicted to. If the injury is severe, your doctor will prescribe your pain relief medication to make you more comfortable.


If your injury is significant, you might need to see a physiotherapist rehabilitate the affected area. They will be able to rebuild your muscular strength and that of your joints through gentle exercises – these are likely to be difficult at first but will help you get back on track.

Sports injuries are not always so severe, but they can be. If yours a mild, these tips should help you recover, but if you are concerned the injury is worse than originally thought, see your doctor as soon as possible to get some more intensive care.

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