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Top 3 Investment Banking Credentials To Enhance Employability

Thousands of candidates apply for entry-level banking job roles each year but only a few hundred succeed. Why, because they are better skilled individuals. They know and understand the industry’s best practices. They are familiar with the current ongoings of the financial markets. Their CVs stand out because of the industry-relevant certifications and credentials they have acquired off late. Basically, they have an upper hand, or a distinct competitive advantage over others.

Investment banking certifications play a crucial role while being a fresher, or a young finance graduate, seeking investment banking roles. In this post, we will be discussing the top banking certifications that can put you ahead in the race when it comes to profile shortlisting for entry-level banking roles.

Top 3 Investment Banking Certifications That Gets You Banking Jobs 

#1. Investment Banking Certification by NYIF

New York Institute of Finance, or NYIF, has got a great professional credential for young finance graduates to acquire. IBC (investment banking certification) is meant for fresher graduates that are seeking a break into the industry, and wanting to start a career in investment banking.

Why to Opt for IBC?

  • Entering investment banking sector is a hard nut to crack. You need some kind of a competitive edge over others. This credential is designed in a manner to keep it sharp-focused on investment banking. 
  • .The credentialing program is comprehensive, and therefore, covers maximum topics related to the fundamentals of investment banking, ranging from valuations, to structuring, to modeling & analysis, to deal making. It’s the best-suited certification that will help you break into banking sectors such as M&A, fund management, research, valuation, capital markets, coverage, and many other banking job roles. 

#2. Certified Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst by CFI

It’s termed as one of the most versatile banking certifications in the finance sector because you can customize this certification program as per your interest and goals. 

Why FMVA Credential?

The best thing about this certification which makes it unique in the finance domain is the advantage it offers in terms of shaping it as per your own needs. One can customize it for any specific role within the banking sector, whether it’s debt capital markets, M&A, coverage, or any similar niche role.

At the starting of your career, you might not know which direction to head into, and that’s where this credential program empowers you by allowing to choose elective subjects as per your preference. 

#3. CIBP (Chartered Investment Banking Professional) by IBCA

IBCA, or Investment Banking Council of America is a world-renowned accreditation body in the banking sector. It not only offers certification programs to individuals, but also collaborates with educational institutions and universities that impart quality financial education. And CIBP (Chartered Investment Banking Professional) is their premium product for young banking professionals and master’s degree students from IBCA-accredited institutions and universities.

For Whom is CIBP Designed for?

The globally-recognized & industry-relevant CIBP professional credential is best suited to three sections of individuals. First, those young finance graduates that hold a master’s degree in finance or a related subject discipline, provided their institution is accredited from IBCA.

Second, those working professionals having a work experience of two years or more in banking or finance domain, and would want to climb the career-ladder fast.

Thirdly, those individuals who are currently employed in any of the sub-divisions of finance and having a bachelor’s degree, alongside holding an active credential issued by a global certification body that IBCA recognizes, such as a CFA credential.


The CIBP credential is founded upon the world’s leading banking knowledge framework, known as IBANX. The said certification will empower finance personnel and banking aspirants to attain familiarity with the competence and skill levels of the best investment bankers we have today.

It’s a comprehensively designed international banking qualification for MBA/finance students and early-career professionals that would help them showcase their job-readiness and understanding of the financial markets before the recruiters and executives at the top banks.  

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